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Alcohol Retailers Licenses

Types of Licenses
(The following information is not comprehensive; refer to Wisconsin State Statutes Chapter 125 and City of Elkhorn Ordinances Chapter 12.03 for complete regulations.)

Retail "Class A" Intoxicating Liquor License  $500.00 fee
May sell intoxicating liquor and wine to consumers only in original packages for off-premise consumption. They may offer two taste samples of of not more than three fluid ounces of wine and one sample of not more than 1/2 fluid ounce of liquor on premises between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.  Example: Liquor Store
Retail Class "A" Beer License  $100.00 fee
Class "A" retailers may sell fermented malt beverages to consumers in any quantity in original packages for off-premise consumption only. They may offer two taste samples of not more than three fluid ounces beer on premises between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. Example: Liquor Store

Retail "Class A" Intoxicating Liquor License- Cider Only  No fee
Must also hold a Class "A" Beer License for same premises. "Cider" means an alcohol beverages that is obtained from the fermentation of the juice of apples or pears and that contains not less than 0.5 percent alcohol by volume and not more than 7.0% alcohol by volume.  "Cider" includes flavored, sparkling and carbonated. 
Retail "Class B" Intoxicating Liquor License  $500.00 fee
May sell intoxicating liquor to consumers for on-premise consumption. May sell for off-premise consumption in quantities not exceeding four liters. Examples: Tavern/Restaurant
Retail Class "B" Beer License  $100.00 fee
Class "B" retailers may sell fermented malt beverages to consumers for on-premise or off-premise consumption. Examples: Tavern/Restaurant
Temporary Class "B" and/or "Class B" Retailers License  $10.00 fee
May sell fermented malt beverages and/or wine to consumers at a picnic or similar gathering during a limited duration. Such licenses may only be issued to bona fide clubs, lodges, societies, and churches which have been in existence for at least six months, or to veteran's organizations and fair associations. "Class B" Licenses (wine) and are limited to two temporary licenses per year per organization; Class "B" Licenses (fermented malt beverages/beer) are not limited. “Club” means an organization, whether incorporated or not, which is the owner, lessee or occupant of a building or portion thereof used exclusively for club purposes, which is operated solely for a recreational, fraternal, social, patriotic, political, benevolent or athletic purpose but not for pecuniary gain and which only sells alcohol beverages incidental to its operation.
Reserve "Class B" Intoxicating Liquor License  $500.00 fee
Additional one-time fee of $10,000 required. The Reserve License is the same as the regular license except that those applying for such a license are required to pay an additional one-time issuance fee of $10,000.00 and a 21-Day fund verification period. When the number of allotted Retail "Class B" licenses issued to the City run out, then the Reserve"Class B" license will be issued.
Retail "Class C"  $100.00 fee
May sell wine by the glass or in an opened original container for consumption on the premises where sold. Such licenses may only be issued for restaurants if the sale of alcohol beverages accounts for less than 50% of the gross receipts. It may not be issued to foreign corporations or foreign LLC's.

More Resources for Information on Alcohol Licensing:

Applying For Alcohol Licenses

License years are July 1 through June 30.

Bartender Operators Licenses

In establishments where the sale of alcohol beverages is permitted, the licensee, the agent, or a licensed operator must be present during all hours of sale and will be responsible for supervising activities at licensed locations.  

An Operator's License will be issued only to persons who have reached the age of 18, who do not have an arrest or conviction record subject to Sections 111.321, 111.322 and 111.335, Wis. Stats., who are not habitual law offenders or have been convicted of a felony unless the person has been duly pardoned, have submitted the proper fee, and in the case of a new applicants have successfully completed a beverage trainer course as provided in Section 125.17(6), Wis. Stats. (see link below.)  The license fee of $50.00 is for a 2-year term or fraction thereof and expires on June 30th of the second year. A provisional license (a license to sell for 60 days while waiting for the approval of their Operator's License) can be issued for an additional fee of $10.00.  There is a 3-5 day waiting period on provisional licenses.

The City of Elkhorn Operators Application is below.  The form needs to be notarized and can be notarized at City Hall.  Please note that the application fee, in check, cash or money order only, is due at the time you apply.

Bee Keeping Permit

The Common Council approved the keeping of bees in the City limits, by permit.  In addition to the application below, applicants need to turn in a completed Neighbor Notification Form.  The fee to apply for the permit is $75.00.

Burning Permit

Click here for more information on Burning Permits, located in the Fire Department section of our website. 

Direct Sellers Permit

It shall be unlawful for any direct seller to engage in sales within the City of Elkhorn without obtaining a Direct Sellers Permit.  Read the City of Elkhorn ordinance below for complete requirements and exclusions. The non-refundable fee for a Direct Sellers Permit is $50 and is due at the time of application.  A Direct Sellers Permit is valid for 120 days from date of issuance.  No sales may take place in City Parks or within 200' of City Parks without obtaining a Selling in the Parks Permit (see below).

Farm Stand

Farm Stands located on private property require a permit, however no fee is charged for this permit.  Farm stands must have authorization of the property owner, cannot be larger than 600 square feet, must be a minimum of 5 feet from property lines and operated from 8 a.m. until dusk, April 1 to November 1.  Please return the application below to the City Clerk to register your farm stand.
Farm Stands located on public property must obtain a Direct Sellers Permit (see above).  No permit fee is charged for Farm Stands on public property.

Rummage/Garage/Yard Sales

Rummage/Garage/Yard Sales are permitted as follows:

  • No sale continues more than three days or parts of days consecutively.
  • No more than three such sales within any calendar year.

Top of PageSelling in Public Parks

You must have a permit to sell in the City’s parks. No person can sell in the parks or within 200 feet of the park, including adjacent or adjoining streets.

A permit to sell within or near the lands used in the City for a park is available at the City Clerk’s office. The application requirements are as follows:

  • Application must be made not less than 21 days prior to the first day of intended use of the permit;
  • Certificate of Insurance and Endorsement naming the City of Elkhorn as “Additional Insured” is required;
  • Permit fees:
    • One day - $10
    • Two days - $20
    • Three days - $30
    • Up to seven days - $50
    • Up to 14 days - $100
  • Non-profit, fundraising groups pay the minimum one-day fee of $10 for up to three days. Over three days, the standard fee is required. Not-for-profit status must be presented to the Clerk.

PDF Document Application to Sell Within Public Parks

Top of PageTop of PageSpecial Events Permit

A Special Events Permit was established by the Common Council in 2005. Its purpose is to give the City an opportunity to know what events, annual or otherwise, are being planned by the Community and Civic organizations within the City. A Special Events Review Team may meet with event representatives to review and assist those planning events. Through communication, City staff is better informed as to dates, times and places; possible requirements of City workers; need for barricades, or other equipment; and, proper insurance coverage.

PDF Document City of Elkhorn Events Pamphlet

How does an organization obtain a permit?

For regularly planned events, a completed, signed application must be filed with the City Clerk at least 45 days prior to the event. For Special Events and other events a completed, signed application must be filed with the City Clerk in sufficient time to obtain, if necessary, street closure/detour permits from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

What are the fees?

Are there any other costs?

Cost may be incurred if the event requires labor from City employees after work hours.

Am I required to insure the event?

Yes, general liability insurance is required by the City naming the City of Elkhorn as additionally insured. Contact the City Clerk as to how much insurance coverage is necessary. If you are unable to obtain insurance, the City has available special event insurance which you may purchase.

Top of PageTop of PageTemporary Signs

If you are having a rummage sale, selling property or holding an event, there are standards that must be followed concerning the placement of those signs.

  • Community interest signs, such as, rummage/garage sales, picnics, reunions and other similar short term functions placed in the public right-of-way requires the following:
    • Consent of abutting property owner or tenant;
    • Does not exceed two square feet per face and must not be affixed to utility poles or official traffic signs;
    • Must have the address of the function and name of the person placing the sign on the back of the signs;
    • Must not be placed in public rights-of-way further than 500 feet from the site of the function;
    • Must be removed within 24 hours after the conclusion of the event or activity.
    • Must not be placed in a public right-of-way that will constitute a visual or physical obstruction or safety hazard to the public.
  • Election Campaign Signs
    • Campaign signs are not allowed on public right-of-way or public property;
    • Campaign signs may be placed without a permit provided that the property owner, renter or lessee has given permission;
    • No more than one campaign sign per candidate allowed on a property in a residential district;
    • Shall not exceed 20 square feet in area on all sides;
    • No more than two signs are permitted on properties in a business or industrial district with a combined area of a total 64 square feet;
    • Campaign Signs and/or electioneering are not allowed within 100 feet of the entrance to a polling place. This does not apply to bumper stickers.

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