Solid Waste FAQ's

Why is the City changing to the automated system?
The change to an automated system is both less costly and results in fewer worker injuries than the current manual system.

How often will recyclables be collected?
Collection of recyclables will be provided bi-weekly (26 weeks per year).

What if I am out of town when carts are delivered?  May an alternate date be scheduled?
Yes, if you will be on vacation or out of town for any reason on the day that carts are to be delivered, you should contact Veolia at 1-800-248-2373 to arrange for an alternate drop-off of your carts.

Who should I contact if my carts are not dropped off as scheduled?
It is likely that some customers may be missed, so the Department of Public Works will have a supply of carts available for delivery.  If you do not receive your carts as scheduled, please contact Public Works at 723-2223 to arrange for delivery.

Will "bulky" items still be picked up on regular collection days?
Yes, "bulky" items may be placed curbside for collection on regular collection days subject to certain conditions.  A brochure what will accompany the carts when they are dropped off will provide more information on this subject.