Street Department

Driveway Regulations and New Sidewalk Installation
Salting and Plowing Priorities
Snow and Ice Removal – When you are responsible
Snow Removal and Ice Control Practices
Sidewalk Maintenance & Repair
Street Closure Permit


This Department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the City's sanitary and storm sewers, repair and maintenance of the City's streets, sidewalks, curbs, and public parking lots.  Other functions include street sweeping, traffic line striping, street sign maintenance, and weed abatement.  Downtown streets are swept every Friday when the weather permits.  Remaining city streets are swept twice a year.  Snow and ice control are given priority whenever necessary on the 48 miles of City streets.  Work includes sewer jetting, root cutting, lift station monitoring and maintenance.  If you are experiencing a sewer back up, please call the Public Works Department so we can check our main lines for problems.  The main work activities of this division are:

  • Sewer jetting.
  • Sewer root cutting.
  • Sewer repairs.
  • Lift station maintenance and monitoring. Pothole Reporting Email Link
  • Flood response.
  • Catch basin maintenance.
  • Snow plowing.
  • Shoulder repairs. 
  • Street sweeping. 
  • Providing and setting up of barricades for special events.
  • Emergency street closures.
  • Administration of the crack sealing program.
  • Street and parking lot salting.
  • Public Works Facility yard maintenance.
  • Street paving program.

Note:  There are certain City streets that lie within the City of Elkhorn, but are owned and maintained by other contractors or associations. 

Driveway Regulations and New Sidewalk Installation

If you would like to construct a new driveway or make changes to an existing driveway or install a sidewalk, please use the application packet below.

PDF Document Driveway/Sidewalk Permit Application Packet

Salting and Plowing Priorities


  1. Stop signs and yield signs.
  2. Railroad crossings.
  3. Traffic light controlled intersections.
  4. Overpasses and underpasses.
  5. Steep grades.

Snow Plowing

  1. Arterial roadways and central business district.
  2. Roadways adjacent to schools.
  3. Alleys and dead end streets.

Your complete cooperation with the City Public Works Department during snow plowing operations will enhance our snowplowing program for the entire City of Elkhorn. Click to Police Department for Parking Regulations.

Snow and Ice Removal – When you are responsible

Property owner, occupant or person in charge of any parcel or lot, which fronts upon or abuts any sidewalk is required to keep the sidewalk clear of snow and ice. Sidewalks must be clear of snow and/or ice within 24 hours from the time the snow ceases to accumulate. If ice cannot be removed, the person in charge of the property must sprinkle the sidewalk with necessary material to accelerate melting or prevent slipping.

Failure to remove the snow and/or ice from the sidewalk will result in the issuance of a notice to immediately remove the snow and/or ice upon receipt of the notice. If this does not occur and the Public Works Department has to abate the snow and/or ice hazard, the property owner will be charged for the removal. A bill for the removal of snow and/or ice will be mailed to the last known address of the owner of the parcel. If the charges are not paid, a notice will be mailed to the property owner. The amount is payable within ten days after such costs and expenses are incurred and remain unpaid, otherwise the City Clerk places the charges onto the tax roll as a special tax.

Sidewalk Maintenance & Repair

Property owners with sidewalks are required to maintain that which abuts their property.

What to do I do if my sidewalk needs repair or replacement?

  • You must contract with the City to do the work or obtain a permit from the Public Works Manager at least three days prior to the proposed work is undertaken. There is no fee for the sidewalk permit.

How do I know what is required to replace or lay a sidewalk?

  • Call the Public Works office at (262)723-2223 for the required standards for sidewalks built within the City.

Street Closure Permit

The occasion may arise when you find it necessary to block a street, alley, sidewalk or other public way or place. You may be granted by the City to do so for the purpose of moving a building or structure or encumbering the public right-of-way. The permit is to occupy or obstruct the street, alley, sidewalk or public grounds only for the use in connection with the actual erection, alteration, repair, removal or moving of buildings or structures. If necessary, street closure/detour permits from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation or Walworth County shall be obtained. The procedure is as follows:

  • Complete an application available by clicking to the Reference Desk at this site or pick up the form at the Public Works Department office at City Hall.
  • The fee is $25 per day with electricity being an extra $50.
  • A bond or Certificate of Insurance with endorsement naming the City of Elkhorn as additional insured.
  • The temporary obstruction shall not cover more than 1/3 of any street or alley.
  • The obstruction shall be sufficiently lighted at night and in full view of the public from all directions.
  • Sidewalk traffic shall not be interrupted, but temporary sidewalks of not less than four feet in width guarded by a closed fence at least four feet high on both sides during the period of occupancy.
  • When the project is completed, the public property must be vacated, cleaned of all rubbish and obstructions and placed in a safe condition for public travel at expense of the permitted.
  • No building or structure is allowed overnight on any street crossing or intersection or near a fire hydrant.
  • Street privilege permits may not exceed 30 days. Common Council must approve a permit for periods exceeding 30 days.

PDF Document Application to Construct and Operate Utility Facilities on Street Right-of-Way
PDF Document Application for Permission to Detour Traffic, Close Sidewalk Right-of-Way Traffic, Parking Lane Closure or Misc
PDF Document Indemnification Statement for Street Right-of-Way Closure Permit