Electric Utility

Electric Utility Director
John Murphy
400 Koopman Lane
Hours: 7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Power Outages
After Hours Emergency Number
(262) 723- 3229
Diggers Hotline
Putting in a fence or a deck? Installing a flagpole or a new mail box? Anyone planning on excavating or digging is required by law to call Diggers Hotline. Wisconsin Diggers Hotline


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About Planned Outages
Focus on Energy Residential Programs

The City of Elkhorn is the 15th largest municipal electric utility serving approximately 4,900 customers. It is one of 82 municipal electric utilities in the State of Wisconsin. The Electric Utility office is staffed with the Utility Director John Murphy, Field Operations Supervisor/Project Manager Tim Leach and Utility Secretary Geri Sandstrom.  Lead Line Technician BZ Kayser supervises the remaining field staff.

The field office for the Electric Utility is located at 400 Koopman Lane, hours are 7:00am to 3:30pm, Monday through Friday. For all electrical service requests (For example, street lights out, power outages, new services or service upgrades) call (262)723-3229.  Call (262)741-5235 for after-hours electrical emergencies.

Please contact the Electric Department (Field Operations) immediately if you:

  • Are experiencing a power outage;
  • Dimming or flickering lights;
  • Observe downed power lines;
  • Find an unsealed meter socket;
  • Find open transformers;
  • Find exposed wires;
  • Find any unsafe electrical situation that needs immediate attention.

Power Outages – After Hours Emergency Number (262)723-3229


Medical Alert When the Lights Go Out

If you use medical equipment that needs electricity to run, please let us know.

The  City has a Critical Needs Response Plan that allows customers with critical needs to be notified of a power outage.

A "Critical Care" customer is defined to be:

  • A customer with specific medical conditions requiring uninterrupted electric service; or

  • Elderly, disabled and/or home-bound customer who are at risk and requires uninterrupted electrical service to maintain their well-being.

The City will contact the customer or other designated contact person if there is an outage, with an estimate of how long the power is expected to be off in case other arrangements need to be considered for the customers well-being.

To apply, a Medical Alert Response Application must be completed.  Information required includes name, address, phone number, and contact information for another person the City may contact if the critical needs resident does not answer the phone. The application also contains a section which must be completed by a physician stating the patient’s medical condition and the type of electric life sustaining equipment used which requires continuous electric service for the health and safety of that individual. 

This qualification requires an annual renewal.  The information on the form may be subject to verification and additional information may be required from you or your physician.

The Medical Alert Response Application is available at City Hall or you may click here to access the form.  Completed applications may be submitted by mail or dropped off at City Hall.  For more information call (262)723-2219.

About Planned Outages

It is sometimes necessary to interrupt power to area homes and businesses for a period of time to allow our crews to perform maintenance work. We make every effort to alert affected customers in advance of “planned outages” by handing out door hangers and posting it on our website at least 24 hours in advance of the planned outage.  In the case of a large planned outage, a notice will be published in the Elkhorn Independent and also posted on this website giving customers at least one week notice.

Focus on Energy Residential Programs

Focus on Energy's Residential Programs deliver cost-effective energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions to Wisconsin single family homes, and multifamily buildings.  The wide variety of program offerings reach customers through incentives, energy audits, direct install measures, and product buy-downs that save energy and raise awareness about Wisconsin's energy conservation and renewable energy needs.

The Residential Programs show Wisconsin residents how to lower their costs of living by being more energy efficient.  Whether they're switching to ENERGY STAR® qualified compact fluorescent light bulbs or building an efficient house - these efforts are paying off.  Since the beginning of the program, Wisconsin residents saved over $70 million in energy costs by making simple lifestyle changes.

For more information visit Focus on Energy Residential Programs or call 800-762-7077 for program eligibility requirements and application forms.